About ARS

ARS Primitive Cooking is a YouTube channel, we focus on cooking food in the forest, ARS uploaded the first video since 23 April 2018. In 2021 we have uploaded over 450 videos to our channel.

The purpose of creating this channel is we want to earn money from YouTube partners, because we see some people in my country they can earn much money from their videos, and our team decided to make a cooking video, as one of our member good at cooking and creatively. In the first few months, we didn’t get any profit, but we spend thousands of dollars. Until 22 Jully 2018 the first time we get some money from YouTube but not much only 250$, we feel so proud of our work, especially to Mr.Rathana and Mr.Kakada.

What is ARS?

ARS is from Asian Recipes Styles

Where we make the videos?

ARS Primitive Cooking base in Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, Cambodia, the place we cooking is in Angkor Park area, near the Siem Reap River, northern of Siem Reap City.

What we use for cooking?

We use our traditional tools for cooking

Who is ARS Primitive Cooking Member?

ARSPC has 4 members:

  • Mr.Sothea is a Team leader
  • Mr.Rathana is a Chef
  • Mr.Kakada is a Cameraman
  • Mr.Savan is a Web developer